Our mission, objectives and achievements


The mission of the International Qudarthlon Federation is to represent, promote, and work for the development of the practice of Quadrathlon in all countries by:

  • - Coordinating and certifying Quadrathlon activities such as competitions and seminars.
  • - Setting and enforcing high quality standards for technical and teaching identifying and collaborating with affiliated organizations, such as Continental Federations and National Associations
  • - Providing assistance to local Quadrathlon organizations.


  • - Promote and develop Quadrathlon as a means of building a better society on a foundation of peace, freedom, and justice.
  • - Regulate the teaching of Quadrathlon as well as the development of new methods and practices.
  • - Improve the quality of Quadrathlon instruction by applying high standards of ethics, conduct, education, and achievement.
  • - Establish and maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct for all members of the IQF.
  • - Coordinate Quadrathlon activities around the world.
  • - Resolve disagreements and conflicts between members.
  • - Operate the IQF in countries around the globe without discrimination on any basis; this includes race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and political beliefs.


  • - International Quadrathlon Federation - is a democratic organization operating according to fundamental principles to give its members what they want and need. A key principle of the IQF is that the Federation belongs to its members therefore it must work for its members and with its members.
    Democratization applied to all structure levels of our organization including our affiliated organizations from local to international.
  • - The IQF and its affiliated organizations remain free of all political influence.
  • - We have significantly increased our membership.
  • - We initiated the steps of the democratization by implementing the Robert Rules in our meetings and operations.
  • - The development of the teaching program for the Do is our priority.
  • - Promotion of the IQF throughout various parts of the world by welcoming new countries into the IQF, particularly for our colleagues in the African and Asian nations, and requesting the support of their existing national organizations and encouraging their further development to help expand throughout their nations.
  • - Implementation of the standards of WADA in our anti-doping policy on the national and international level amongst our member countries.
  • - The increase of participants in competition, resulting in further championships in each country as well as positive advancements to creating a higher level of competition.
  • - Competitions are much safer. The use of “tatami” mats and attested protective equipment results in fewer injuries.
  • - Promote and develop Quadrathlon as a means of building a better society on a foundation of peace, freedom, and justice.
  • - Issuing of IQF Magazine named Quadrathlon Generation.
  • - Achieving the financial stabilization.