What is Quadrathlon

Quadrathlon is a combat sport consisting of four disciplines:

Jumping – jump as high as possible and hit or break a board held by specifically made stands whilst maintaining correct balance

Breaking – break as many boards as possible with only one hit

Technical performance – perform techniques of movement, defence and attack as well as breathing techniques that are traditionally learnt in a progressive and systematic order.

Fighting - attain a score advantage over an opponent. The fighting is performed dynamically with semi contact.

Each concurrence may be played individual and in teams, separately for female and male.

International Quadrathlon Federation organizes World Championships in two age groups, for Senior and Junior. The 1st Senior World Championships were held in 1974 in Montreal, Canada whereas the 1st Junior World Championships were held in 1993 In Moscow, Russia. The previous Senior and Junior World Championships were held in 2015 in Jesolo, Italy. The next 20th Senior and 14th Junior World Quadrathlon Championships will take place from 9th to 16th October 2017
in Dublin, Ireland.